Grinder UC900 G7 Controller G7 Controller
UG42A Torque type 
UG43A Speed type 
UM20A High power type
UM21A  High power type
UM23A High power type
UM12A Standard type
UM13A Standard type
UM14A Standard type
UM05A High speed type
Head UT01 Standard Head 
UT02 Slender Head 
UT03 Power Rotary Head 
UT05 Angle Head 90°
UT06 Power Angle Head 90°
UT07 Power angle head 120°
UT08 Swing Head 
UT11 Long Slender Head 
UT12 Standard Clamp Head 
UT15 Reduction joint 
Belt Sander  BS33  
Recipro Handpiece RE35 Stroke type 
RE55 Speed type 
Ultrasonic polishing unit  US55 Ultrasonic Handpiece 
UC550C  Controller
Controllers UC250C Controller
UC500C  Controller
Motors HM11 Hammer Motor 
UA12A 2000~20000rpm
UA13A 3500~35000rpm
UA14A 4500~45000rpm
UM20 800~8000rpm
UM21 1500~15000rpm
UM23 3000~30000rpm
Brushless spindle motor unit BA14 Spindle motor Air supply type 
BM14 Spindle motor Self cooling type 
BP830 Controller for spindle motor 
Products URAWA
Applications Industrial products
High performance micro grinder for making precision mold, jewelry, and hobby.
URAWA micro grinder is designed to be low vibration and low noise.
Wide range of grinder for variety of operation.