Model Type
SU Electromagnetic Water Meter
SY Electromagnetic Water Meters
VN Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensor
VNS Compact Electromagnetic Flow Sensors
OF-Z Microflow Sensor
OF-WN/OF-WP Microstream Sensor
ND Flow Sensor
NW/NW-P Instantaneous Flow-rate/
Integrating Flow Volume Flowmeter
NDV10 Small-size Flowsensor
TRA Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquid
AGV Electromagnetic Flow Meters
for Agricultural Applications
RF Flow Rate Sensor For River
E-moni Insertable Electromagneteic Meter
DSV Disposable Electromagnetic Flowsensors
FG Electromagnetic Flow Meter
for Non-Full Water
CX Capacitive Electromagnetic Flowsensor
SD15S Residential Water Meter
E-Series Electronics Water Meter



Model Type
TRX/TRZ Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Air
(RS485 Output Specifications)
TRX Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Air
(Diameters 40A, 50A, 65A, and 80A)
TRZ Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Air
(Diameters 100A, 150A and 200A)
AS Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Fuel Gas
TBX/TBZ Turbine Gas Meters
for Flow Management
Governor Pressure-reducing valve series
Roots Gas Meter R Series
UX High Performance Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Fuel Gas
NB Intelligent Gas Meter
HX Taking up challenges in new measurement
MP-401 Digital Manometer
for Town Gas and LP Gas