Others (deodorant device)

Catalytic Deodorizer

Inflammables, VOCs, odors, etc. in the exhaust gas are odorless and harmless.

Demonstrate high deodorization efficiency using high performance platinum-based catalyst.

Low noise, low fuel consumption, low power.

Direct combustion deodorizer

Most odors, organic solvent gas can be processed.

A method of oxidatively decomposing gas containing organic solvents and odors by maintaining and maintaining the treatment temperature above the ignition point of the odor component.

Distillation Deodorizer

Ceramic heat storage is used as heat exchanger.

High heat exchange efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

Catalytic Deodorizer with Continuous Concentrator

Deodorized by continuously concentrating exhaust gases containing low concentrations of organic solvents.

In the concentrator, the exhaust gas is separated into purge gas and high concentration of condensate gas, which is treated by combustion deodorizer.