1 Lot (= 10pcs)

FOB 150,000 yen

  • Made in Japan

  • Self-propelled or assistance type can be selected(self-propelled type and assistance type can be mixed)

  • Repaired, cleaned and inspected

  • All models with handle brake

Manufacturers and models cannot be unified

It becomes dealings with no claim and no return.  (Maintenance finished)

Self-propelled and assistance type


Assistance type

Can be operated by yourself

Ask the caregiver to operate

Main handling manufacturers

  • Matsunaga
  • Kawamura Cycle
  • Nisshin Medical Industries
  • Miki
  • Panasonic
  • Iura
  • Katayama
  • Miwa
  • Care-Tec Japan
  • Chinon’s
  • Makitech