MEGA Sun Braid Hose

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Products MEGA Sun Braid Hose
Applications For water supply of machines and factories, and water supply for engineering, and construction sites.
Renewed design with white lines. Rubber-like touch of highly elastic resin. The fluids can be visually checked easily.
Flexible PVC product

Highly elastic resin is used. The fluids can be visually checked easily.
Specifications: Working temperature limit: Between -5℃ and + 60℃

SB-4     Φ4×Φ9
SB-6     Φ6×Φ11
SB-8     Φ8×Φ13.5
SB-9     Φ9×Φ15
SB-10     Φ10×Φ16
SB-12     Φ12×Φ18
SB-15     Φ15×Φ22
SB-19     Φ19×Φ26
SB-22     Φ22×Φ29
SB-25     Φ25×Φ33
SB-32     Φ32×Φ41
SB-38     Φ38×Φ48
SB-50     Φ50×Φ62
SB-63     Φ63×Φ80
SB-75     Φ75×Φ92
SB-90     Φ90×Φ108
SB-100     Φ100×Φ115