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Auto Parts (NICHIAS)

Sealing materials

Description Product name TOMBO No.
NA joint sheets for vehicles NA joint sheet (oil resistant) NA Joint Sheet (oil resistant) No.1914
NA joint sheet (oil swelling) NA Joint Sheet (oil swelling) No.1916
NA joint sheet (high strength) NA Joint Sheet (high strength) No.1912
NA joint sheet (water swelling) NA Joint Sheet (water swelling) No.1997
Rubber Coated Metal (RCM) Oil-resistant rubber coat type METAKOTE™ No.1600
Oil-resistant foamed rubber coat type METAFOAM™ No.1608
Metal gaskets Exhaust system gasket Metal gasket No.1850E
Spiral wound gaskets for exhaust pipes Spiral wound gasket for exhaust pipes CR VORTEX™ No.1824

Heat-protection, control parts, materials

Description Product name TOMBO No.
Heat Shield Metallic cover INSULCOVER™ No.6600
Aluminum cover Aluminum INSULCOVER™ No.6600-NI
Performance enhancement options
Heat-insulation tubes Flexible heat-insulation tube N-FLEX™Tube No.8700
Flexible heat-insulation tube (for high-temperature use) N-FLEX™ Tube HI No.8710-HI
Sound-absorbing, heat-insulation mats Heat-insulation mat Glass Mat/Silica Mat No.4517、4518
Rock wool heat-insulation material MG Product
Aluminum-incorporated heat-resistant cloth sheet Aluminized Cloth No.8982
Fiber composite heat-insulation mat Insulation mat
Heat control components Water jacket spacer Water Jacket Spacer No.6680-R

Retaining parts/materials

Description Product name TOMBO No.
Support mats of catalytic converter Non-expansion support mat of catalytic converter ECOFLEX No.5350
Heat-resistant cushion materials Metal fiber highly flexible spacer SOFT MESH™ No.6634
Resin products Low friction, self-lubricating material EXCELIDE™ No.9550
Fluoropolymer machined products NAFLON™machined products No.9020

Sound-proofing parts/materials

Description Product name TOMBO No.
Sound-proofing materials Ultralight-weight sound-insulation cover AIRTONE™ No.6690-S
Vibration-proofing materials Composite metal vibration-proofing gasket METAFOAM™ No.1608-V
Metallic mesh heat-resistant vibration-proofing washer SOFT MOUNT™ No.6632
Vibration-dampering materials Rubber laminate vibration-damping material METALAMINE™ No.1616
Heat-resistant/insulating vibration-damping sheet VERMOSUL™Sheet No.6750-S
Heat-expanding, heat-resistant vibration-damping sheet VERMOFLEX™ No.6760
Sound-absorption materials Heat-sensitive expansion sheet EXPAD™ No.6680-S
Brake shim Rubber-coated metal squeak-prevention shim METAKOTE™Brae Shim No.1600
Pasting type squeak-prevention shim incorporating a heat-resistant adhesive METAPLUS™ No.1612
High-performance sandwich-structured shim METAPLUS™ Multi-Layer Shim No.1614