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Level Sensor for Liquids

Float level sensor Magnetic Float Sensor FR(reed switch)
Miniature Float Sensor OL
Miniature Float Sensor LS
Magnetic Level Switch FM
Magnetic Level Switch HM (microswitch)
Miniature Float Sensor SH
Wide-Differential Float Sensor FS
Float level sensor with cable Cable Suspended Float Sensor FQ
Cable Suspended Float Sensor FT
Guard Float Sensor FC
Pneumatic level sensor Pneumatic Level Sensor FP
Electrode level sensor Electrode Level Sensor FE
Electrode Level Sensor CE (Electrode band type)
Conductivity level sensor Electrical Conductivity Level Sensor MT10
Optical interface Optical Interface Measurement Sensor OX

Level Sensors for Solids

Vibrating level sensor Vibrating Level Sensor VC
Vibrating Level Sensor VL
High-Sensitive Vibrating Level Sensor VH
Vibrating Level Sensor VM
Vibrating Level Sensor VP 11
Vibrating Level Sensor VF
Motor torque level sensor Reciprocating-puddle Level Sensor C5/B3 (Bin leveler)
Rotating-puddle Level Sensor R7
Rotating-puddle Level Sensor RB

Capacitive level sensors

Capacitive level sensor Capacitive level sensors CG/CGS/CG65 (phase detection)
Capacitive level sensors K
Capacitive level sensors KSV-9N
Capacitive level sensors CL (with detector)
Capacitive level sensors CM

Continuous Level Sensors for Liquids

Continuous Level Sensors for Liquids Resistive level measurement LR420 (Hall ICs)
Resistive level measurement LR
Magnetostrictive level measurement MS
Hydrostatic Level Measurement PLD (removable)
Hydrostatic Level Measurement PLD4000 (digital correction, removable)
Air bubbler system LA
Pressure Transmitter PKD120/130

Continuous Level Sensors for Solids

Capacitive level sensor Capacitive level sensors CG/CGM (phase detection)
Capacitive level sensors CL (with detector)

Auxiliary equipment and other devices

Level controllers Distributor for 2 Wire Transmitter PL2500
Monitor Unit MP2000
Level Presetter Level Presetter PS7000
Relay Unit RE7500
Relay Unit RE
Oil Leak Detector Oil Leak Detector LZ
Sound Flow Sensor Sound Flow Sensor AF10