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Strain Gages

N11 Uniaxial Strain Gages
N22 Biaixal Strain Gages
N32 Triaxial Strain Gages
R11 Stress Concentration Measurements
Z11 Uniaxial 45°
X11 Crack Detection
P11… Pipe Gage

Load Cells

SH Shear beam type, Small, General Purpose
SHE Shear beam type, High output, General Purpose
SHE-U Shear beam type, Water Proof※1
SHE-LH Shear beam type, High & Low Temperature※1
SHU Shear beam type, High Accuracy
RCT Pipe type, General Purpose※2
RCB Coaxial beam type, General Purpose※3
RCT-E Coaxial beam type, High Accuracy, General Purpose
DBU Coaxial beam type, High Accuracy
BUX Coaxial beam type, Low-profile & High Accuracy※1
WBU Beam type, High Accuracy, Metal bellows, General Purpose
WBE Beam type, High Accuracy, High output, General Purpose
WBS Beam type, High Accuracy ,Small size, General Purpose
WBJ Beam type, Ultralow-Capacity, High Accuracy, General Purpose
DBJ Coaxial beam type, Ultralow-Capacity, High Accuracy ,General Purpose
RCU Coaxial beam type, High Accuracy, General Purpose
RCE Column type, High output, General Purpose※1
RC Column type, Spherical mounting plate, General Purpose
RCD Coaxial beam type, General Purpose
LSM Beam type※1
MRD Ultra-small type, General Purpose
MRU Ultra-small type, General Purpose
MR Small type, General Purpose
HCS Small & Washer type, measurement of axial power of bolts, General Purpose※1
PHC Center Hole type, General Purpose※1
HC Center Hole type, General Purpose※1
HCW Washer type, Rolling mill & Forging press machine※1
HCWB Low cost, Washer type, General Purpose※1
RTU Coaxial beam type, High Accuracy, General Purpose
RTE Coaxial beam type, High Accuracy, General Purpose※1
RTD Coaxial beam type, General Purpose
RTB Coaxial beam type, Attached Rod-end, General Purpose
MRDT Ultra-small type, General Purpose
DB Coaxial beam type, High Accuracy, General Purpose
DBS Coaxial beam type, High Accuracy, Low Cost, General Purpose

Torque Transducers

TP-L Reaction Torque type, Ultralow-Capacity, Aluminum alloy※1
TP-R Reaction Torque type, Low-Capacity, High stiffness, Aluminum alloy※1
TP Reaction Torque type, High stiffness, Flange at both ends, General Purpose
TQP Rotary Torque type(with Slip-ring assemblies),General Purpose※1

Pressure Transducers

HVS High Accuracy type
HVU General Purpose type
HVJS Small & High Temperature type
HVJS-JG Small & High Temperature type, Vibration-proof
HVM Flush-Diaphragm type, General Purpose
HVH-B High pressure range type

Displacement Transducers

TCLA-A Sliding resistance wire type
TCLA-B Sliding resistance wire type, High output
TCL-FA Dial-gage type
TCL-M Small & Cantilever type, Low Cost

Acceleration Transducers

SAL Uniaxial & High output type
SAH Uniaxial & High response type
SALT Triaxial & High output type※1
SAHT Triaxial & High response type※1

Special Transducers

MDF 6-Component force sensor※1
SK Shift-knob force sensor※1
FR Pedal-force sensor※1
MMF Torque & Spindle power Transducer※1
MUF… Unit of weight measurement(A)※1
RCT-580 Load Cell for Positioning Stages

Dynamic Strain Amplifiers

AC Strain Amplifier Model 5783
DC Strain Amplifier Model 5793

Digital Transducer Indicator